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Major website updates!!!!

MCERC is updating the main website, Education Hub, and the Photogallery! The new format for the Education Hub includes easy to locate and browse our field programs, #internships, and research opportunities. MCERC information, including registration will be much easier to [...]

It’s a Match!

This is how we find out about movement patterns and behaviors of humpback whales!!! MCERC #35, "Division", was resighted a few days ago by the MCERC team in a competitive breeding group. This whale was photographed by the MCERC team [...]

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           Your support will help MCERC purchase a boat and water safety equipment for research and education programs. Owning a small vessel will allow us to keep program fees low, teach boating operations, and eliminate the limitations that come with scheduling a charterboat. Please consider helping us reach our goal and promote research and education. Thank you!

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