The Structure

The Marine and Coastal Ecology Research Center’s Board of Directors oversee the global operations of the coastal center. They are positioned to assure the administration, faculty, and staff are infused with support and expertise needed to continually improve how we participate in conservation initiatives.

Oversight and support are the key to success!

Members of “The Board” bring years of experience in business, administration, science, technology, and legal counsel. Their active participation in this non-profit organization assures the mission of MCERC is guided by experts. Members of The Board are volunteers who donate time and energy in support of science.  

Research assistants are active participants in cutting edge science and supervising interns. This approach is a successful method for teaching positive leadership and reinforcing the importance of collaboration in science. 

Interns have a structured academic curriculum in addition to instruction in field techniques.

Mentoring is a core value at MCERC

Careers in science are highly competitive and marine biology is among the most competitive job market. 

Faculty immerse interns in research and mentor communication skills. MCERC programs are preparing future scientists for careers that are critical for protecting the species  that rely on healthy marine and coastal habitats.


Sharing information is critical to the success of MCERC’s goals and to the people we work so hard to support through our programs. 

We eagerly participate in outreach programs, develop opportunities for citizen scientists, create internships and seminars in our online platforms to reach as far as possible across the globe.

Communication throughout our communities

The science team distributes information gleaned from research projects via peer reviewed publications, professional conferences, and outreach opportunities.

All program participants are mentored into being ambassadors for conservation so that they can continue to share the science that is so important to the future of healthy marine ecosystems.

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