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The MCERC Manatee Project

MCERC Research Assistants and Interns are collaborating on manatee research, and they need YOU!! If you live by the coast of Florida or anywhere that sees manatee populations, you can directly participate and contribute invaluable data to the MCERC Manatee project. Learn exactly how you can get involved by browsing this page and following the MCERC Manatee Sightings and Catalog Facebook Page.

Jenkins Creek, in Hernando County, Florida, USA, is one of many fresh water inlets used by manatee when the coastal waters cool in winter. Kayaking and fishing are popular activities in this area and curious manatee provide an opportunity to study feeding ecology, evidence of boat strikes, and other behaviors which will help answer important research questions!

Boop the snoot to learn fun facts about manatees and dugongs!

Watch this step-by-step video below (or on YouTube) to learn how to contribute data to the MCERC Manatee Project from the palm of your hands!

We also created a step-by-step powerpoint presentation to show you the Epicollect process!

Boop the snoot to learn fun facts about manatees and dugongs!

Announcements and updates about our research are often posted on social media. You can follow us here:

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