The Focus


“A tiny change today brings a dramatically different tomorrow.”

– Richard Bach



Research questions are investigated by internationally recognized, experienced scientists and educators who are passionate about creating dynamic opportunities for citizens and professionals to be active participants in science. The Education Hub is the gateway to enrolling in programs. Interns and research assistants are mentored by senior scientists as they are guided through developing tools essential for future careers in research, education, and marine resources management.  


Professional development goals include providing fledgling scientists and university students with courses that often earn credit hours through independent study at your university. MCERC faculty serve as supervisors during field intensive programs and report back to the intern’s academic advisors on campus.


Supporting local economy is important to our mission. Administrators actively seek collaborators in under-served areas and research projects that will benefit financially from MCERC participation. Chartering small vessels, renting accommodation, purchasing supplies from local businesses are examples of how MCERC field programs bring revenue into remote communities. 

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