Why You Should Experience Conservation With Us

We recognize our work is important and has great potential to a positive impact on our world. It’s an adventure and a challenge, and we thrive on taking people along for the journey.

The film industry values many of our team for our contagious enthusiasm and skill as experienced science instructors. We see our enthusiasm as hard to contain and that energy draws more people towards caring about conserving our precious natural resources. 

Our network of researchers and collaborators is spread around the world, but we are united by our passion for marine conservation and our respect, trust, and admiration for one another.

Sara Andreotti Ph.D
Kenneth Rolt Ph.D.
Senior Scientist
Shakira Quiñones-Lebrón Ph.D.
Scientist, Behavioral Ecologist
Natalia Botero Acosta Ph.D.
Fundación Macuáticos Colombia
Christine O'Sullivan M.A., M.R.
Jamie Aquino M.S.
Arief Aziz
UAS International Pilot and Sound Engineer
Christina Perazio Ph.D.

MCERC collaborates with individuals and  organizations who are driven towards understanding the complex dynamics of marine ecosystems. 

We merge our resources and share expertise with each other and as mentors for future generations of scientists and ocean conservationists. 

Our goals, mission, and philosophies are perfectly aligned; therefore, research and education experiences continually results in important scientific discoveries. 

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