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Check out the MCERC YouTube channel, Ocean Smarts & Whale Farts! Subscribe, watch & share our videos to support the center and raise awareness on various science topics. You can also submit your own questions, or volunteer yourself to be interviewed!

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Be the Ambassador - Learn & Share

The Education Hub is your go-to for MCERC opportunities, such as family programs, internships, certification courses and more!

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Photo ID Catalogues & Techie Tasks

Photo ID - coming soon!


Sand Sampling & Analysis

The MCERC Sands Project aims to improve current understandings of coastal ecology through geological history - more coming soon!

Feeding Ecology of Marine Mammals

Manatee Citizen Science Project

If you live near or visit a place blessed by the presence of manatees, send us your photos! Click the icon below to go to our Manatee Citizen Science Project page where you can learn more about the project and how you can contribute.

MCERC#81_DSC_6951 Fluke

Puerto Rico Humpback Whale Citizen Science Project

MCERC investigates humpback whales off Puerto Rico and we hope you are willing to share your photos with us to add to our ongoing catalog - Click the icon below to head to the project's Facebook Page!


Turks & Caicos Islands Cetacean Project

Under the mentorship of faculty, MCERC RAs & interns will submit your images (with your name as the photographer) to the MCERC catalog for the Caribbean Marine Mammal Research Project and to Happy Whale. A match between two images in either catalog will be part of the data that increases our understanding of humpback whale behaviors!

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