Research & Education Projects

MCERC’s activities are constructed to assure that education is an integral part of every research effort focus, collaboration, and supporting role, that we explore. Programs for open enrollment through the MCERC Education Hub are one way you can join in the work we do towards understanding what healthy oceans need from humans.

Global Collaborations

Global Involvement

MCERC's efforts began with the initiation of the Humpback Whale Research Project in 2010 in the waters surrounding Puerto Rico, USA. The project expanded to examine the behaviors of humpback whales in the Turks and Caicos Islands, and now includes the waters of the Dominican Republic, and  partnerships with The Haiti Ocean Project and SharkWise of South Africa. Collaboration with our colleagues in Jamaica are part of our Greater Antilles Marine Biodiversity Collaboration where MCERC plays the leading role in our "Atomic Model for Research Collaboration". The Atomic Model is a visual representation of how The Greater Antilles Marine Biodiversity Collaboration extends support and opportunity to scientists in underserved areas, invites senior scientists to develop a synergy of expertise while working together, and hosts exchange programs for a broad spectrum of educational and cultural backgrounds.

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