Acknowledgments: Citizen Scientists

Many trusted individuals have contributed invaluable data to MCERC research projects. Their contributions play a huge role in better understanding our planet and what we can do to keep it healthy for years to come!


Michael “Capi” Lopez

Mike Morel

Shelley Jensen

Joanne Buddle

Philip Covert

Jonathan Reid

Captain Eddy

Jim Crotty

Katharine Hart

Egladier Xavier

Lynn Robinson

Allan Pearl

Megan Oswald

Kirby Catherine

Sean Brady

Jay Lawson

Dylan Shaw

Samantha Glantz

Andrew Stevenson

Josh Williams

Dave Heming

Captain Scott

Lee Munson

Dave Dietze

Kathy Valentine Hall

Bill Chandler

Normando Martin Mascardi

Bruce Boock

Greg Giedd

Cindy Parsons Nathans

Kirby Karpan

Jill Mumford

Lee Burghard

Alex Skye

Beth Grassette

Paula Faiferman

Charlie Wise

Jasmine Young

Victor Torrente

Mark Duqueno

Ray Ortiz

Amy Looby

Philip Shearer

Brian and Sabine

Mateo Turks Slat

Pat Mezzina

Tom Tewksbury

Jenna Graham

Villa Azul EG- Colin

Michael Bishop

Henry-Harries Jones

Alizee Zimmerman

Matt Slattery

Jim Hayes

Alcides Falanghe

Ines Moosmann

Clem Moulin

David Green

Tatiana Zanardi

Julie Taylor

Yann Durieux

Carolyn Pigford

Nicole Downing



Jane Hire



Kell Talbot

Chris Bartlett

Dean Hollis

Tonya Seitz

Kevin Hyde

Mani Moonbeam

Tessa Rankin

Jeff Stewart

Gene Flipse

Roger Etcheberry

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