Winter is coming and so are the humpback whales! If you are interested in helping us survey for whales around Puerto Rico, please contact me before January. We will have a team of students, interns and scientists counting whales and noting their behaviors.

This season we anticipate more mother calf pairs than ever. They stay close to shore and that means the incoming pipeline will need to consider how best to protect these nursing pairs so that they can successfully fatten up the nursing calves for the long migration home without interuption.

Last winter we spotted breeding groups around Puero Rico for the first time in 4 years! This is an indication that Puerto Rico may becoming restablished as a very important fringe habitat for humpback whales as their numbers in the North Atlantic continue to increase.

MCERC only has so many students, interns and scientists. We need cameras and eyes all around the island(and Cuelebra, Vieques)! If you live (or plan to live) on the coastline and are willing to take pictures from a cliff (even pictures that are unclear document whales) we would love to have you on our team. If you have pictures of whales of any quality or distance and are willing to share them with us, we would appreciate including them in our data set with credit to you.

Interested in helping document the recovery of humpback whales and the importance of the waters areound Puerto Rico? Please contact me at

Thanks for caring!