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Why Us? How are we different?

At MCERC, there are several important elements that drive our mission:

  • Believing that everyone should be able to experience and contribute to science in the field and be a part of our conservation efforts (students and citizens of all ages).
  • Understanding that college and graduate students desperately need field courses and research assistantships that teach them invaluable field skills, and that these experiences should be affordable. It’s hard enough as it is being a college student!
  • Recognizing how important it is to participate in outreach events for our local community, as well as with our online community.
  • Funding for field science and education programs are a constant challenge for the MCERC team. Our staff and board of directors all volunteer their time, because they believe in our mission.
  • For our patrons and donors to understand that 100% of all donations go directly towards funding field experiences and courses. Research assistantships are covered by program fees.

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