Mobile/cellular phone service for people with existing service in the states from major carriers will often work in Puerto Rico without any roaming charges. You will need to look at your service’s overage map to assure that you have a plan with a carrier that is widely operational. To date, Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon are among the services that receive cell signal without roaming charges in Puerto Rico. Please be sure to check your own carrier (as well as the carriers mentioned here) to be working in the past before you arrive for your program session!

Internet service is not available at the field station! We function as a remote station (although we are somewhat spoiled with many amenities of a house). Please plan accordingly. Students who wait to turn in papers and projects for courses during their week-long field intensive will not be able to submit for deadlines over the course of the week. In addition to having every hour of every day filled with valuable instruction, there is not a place to connect to the internet in our tiny neighborhood (no internet cafes or coffee shops!).