Guidelines for posts to be distributed via the Ecology Conservation list-serve

MCERC now has an email list-serve named “Ecology Conservation“. The new list will post the following:

  • Internships from MCERC’s Education Hub
  • MCERC programs open for enrollment
  • News and current events relevant to marine and
  • terrestrial wildlife issues
  • #Jobs that hit our desk from various resources and relevant to marine and terrestrial wildlife professionals
  • Outreach activities

YOU are welcome to add your name to the list and receive these emails and submit news bulletins of interest!

Members of the Ecology Conservation list-serve are encouraged to share news and updates of their #research, field excursions, #travel, #hobby, meetings, #conferences, and other topics that may interest the group. The list will focus on bringing the members information that is likely to be gleaned from interacting with #MCERC staff and faculty. To that end, administrators will do their best to filter out posts that are not related to the interests of this group.

Questions to the group which will help members understand related topics, relevant policy, and cultural perspectives that affect our work, are encouraged! Experienced #scientists may be able to answer questions on a wide range of topics related to MCERC research and #education goals.

The list will post as often as needed; however, admin will make every attempt to consolidate the posts.

If you are posting photos and videos, please provide a link to these instead of adding the media files in your submission. Many of our members are in the field and have limited internet capability. If you do not have a place to send a link, post the videos or photos to the MCERC FaceBook page and indicate in your submission that the media files should be linked. Admin will add the link after the post is approved.

Attachments cannot be set through this list-serve and will be returned.

  1. Posts should be concise. Admin may return your posts and ask you to edit wordy submissions. In some cases, the length does not reflect a wordy post and will not require editing. If you can use bullets in your post, please consider doing so!
  2. All posts must have your first and last name. Your email address is not required to be public.
  3. MCERC encourages news flashes related to #marine and #terrestrial #wildlife #ecology and #conservation.
  4. Topics that will not be posted on this forum include political opinions of any kind, issues related to opposition or support of captive animals. Content that does not express an opinion regarding the ethics of captive studies, but does include captive animals, may be approved at the discretion of the administrators.
  5. Offensive, inflammatory, or negative comments aimed at an individual, organization, or other group will not be posted.
  6. Posts must be directly from the member on the list. Posts made “on behalf of” another individual or organization will not be approved.
  7. Advertisements for products and services will not be posted. The exceptions to this will be MCERC store items and programs as well as paid jobs (see the next bullet point).
  8. Paid job announcements may be posted on behalf of any organizations which are related to #ecology, #conservation, #marinebiology, #marinescience, #wildlife, #scuba, #observers, and other sciences are encouraged! These posts MUST include the link to the organization’s main website, the link to the job posting on the organization’s website, the contact person’s name (first and last) and their email address, the physical address where the job will be located, and a job description matching the advertisement on their website. Admin will verify all job postings before emailing the list.


To be added to the list:

Send an email from the address you would like added. Put “ADD ME” in the subject bar. Send the email to


MCERC has a separate email for posts announcing open enrollment. These will be formatted for sending to your students via departmental contacts. These posts will be aimed at university students (undergraduate and graduate). Please send a separate email with ‘ADD ME TO THE UNIVERISTY LIST” to from the email address you want to be added to our course and #internship announcements.  Your email signature indicating your contact information associated with your organization must be in the body of that email.

Please be patient for the first few weeks while we add everybody to the list. We will send out a few emails to allow new members to assure they were added.


The MCERC staff is working hard to make this list work for you!