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Board of Directors

Members of the MCERC Board of Directors volunteer their time and expertise in support of MCERC's mission to promote healthy ecosystems through education and research, review organizational operations, and collaborate with faculty and staff to continually improve the approach to meeting goals and create opportunities.

Chairman of the Board

David Wallace

David has led the Board of Directors since the Marine and Coastal Ecology Research Center (MCERC) received nonprofit status (501c3) in 2012. He brings extensive experience as an administrator and expertise in Information Technology. 

David specializes in cyber security and infrastructure and currently is the Information Technology Directory and Security Officer for a major healthcare system in New England. He is the point person for designing a network to meet the challenges of the vast education programs offered by MCERC and the increasing demand for research data storage in the cloud. MCERC programs and collaborations require smooth connectivity across the globe during meetings, online classes, and field excursions. 

David is the advisor, guide, and navigator through an ever evolving organization staying on the cutting edge of science and education. 

Vice Chair of the Board

Nicole Daigneault

Nicole is a wildlife and fisheries biologist and serves as an active member of the Board of Directors and a research associate. She brings experience in animal pathophysiology and GIS support. 

Nicole rounds out the leadership team with a terrestrial perspective for MCERC programs and supports administrative operations . She is particularly interested in herpetology and invasive species in subtropical and tropical ecosystems.

MCERC benefits from the administrative and technical skills in support of operations and research. She currently works in the Florida county where she resides creating valuable resources using GIS mapping technology and continues to be the point person for consultation in wildlife programs at MCERC.

Chief Financial Officer

Andrea McLain

Andrea is the Chief Financial Officer and treasurer for MCERC. She is currently the Dean of Natural and Health Sciences in a New England College and has decades of experience working in nonprofit, science  organizations. 

Andrea specializes in creating business plans with forward thinking for science and education entities. She brings experience in grant writing and has a thorough understanding of the unique challenges inherent in funding nonprofit organizations.

Andrea is the lead administrator for steering the commitment for continuous improvement in MCERC’s business plan. 



Shannon Secco Enzenhauer

Shannon serves as secretary on the MCERC Board of Directors, marketing director, and staff biologist.

Her experience includes working with the natural resources department of a major air force base, as a federal fisheries observer in the southeast, on the state level as a fisheries-dependent recreational surveyor & crustacean spawning surveyor in the Panhandle of Florida, and on a private level with protected species observer programs, mitigation, and permitting compliance for construction projects.

Shannon maintains the coastal center’s databases and communication avenues which are vital to maintaining networks with international stakeholders.

Executive Director

Mithriel MacKay

Dr. MacKay is the founder of MCERC. Her commitment to teaching programs designed to be inclusive, dynamic, and connect the larger issues in conservation biology facing our planet continue to be the driving force behind the mission of MCERC.

Dr. MacKay’s research exhibits a strong influence from her background in clinical laboratory medicine, pre-hospital emergency medicine, marine resources management, and marine biology. She has extensive experience in industry, management, research, and education prior to founding MCERC.

She is the lead for curricula development at MCERC. The education programs are dynamic, engaging, and infused with her experience as an educator and her passion as a scientist. Dr. MacKay networks with scientists across the globe to bring mutual support for MCERC’s mission and the goals of conservationists worldwide.

Ex Officio Advisory Member 

Cathy McClain Bacon

Cathy is a marine biologist with experience in marine mammals/sea turtles and issues affecting them (e.g., military training exercises, behavioral aspects, noise). Her interests lie within ecological and biological aspects of marine megafauna.

Cathy has experience in research and mitigation spanning the industry, military, commercial, and academia scientific research in marine ecosystems. She specializes in assessing effects of underwater sound on marine animal behavior and ecology.

Cathy is a research associate at MCERC and is a support member for creating manuscripts as a coauthor with Dr. MacKay.

Ex Officio Advisory Member

Katharine Hart

Katharine is a marine biologist with a graduate degree in tropical coastal management. She currently lives in the Turks and Caicos Islands where she is committed to projects that include sea turtles, cetaceans, and restoration of coral reefs.

Katharine worked for several years as a scientist in a government agency in resources management and conservation initiatives. She currently continues her research rehabilitation or sea turtles, and public education where residents and tourists show interest in the Caribbean ecosystems. She is an ongoing advisor for sea turtle field activities and coral reef restoration projects at MCERC.

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