Outreach & Education…

AB3_0168The Culebra Project is an outreach venture in collaboration with CORALations. The goal of the Culebra Project is to provide an opportunity for residents and visitors of Culebra to learn about the marine environment from the perspective of a scientist and naturalist.

MCERC interns jump started the Culebra Project in February 2012 after an invitation from CORALations Director Mary Ann Lucking to collaborate in Culebra. Presentations were organized for school groups, including painting a life-size humpback whale calf. Residents and visitors were introduced to humpback whale life history during presentations and interaction with interns and the project’s principle investigator, Mithriel MacKay.

Assistance from fishers, school groups, visitors, tour guides, small craft pilots, and scientists, add valuable support to the Humpback Whale Research Project. Continuous land, sea, and air observations conducted within the guidelines of local (Department of Environmental and Natural Resources) and federal (National Marine Fisheries Service) demonstrate an investment in the recovery of humpback whales in the North Atlantic Ocean.