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Available now for MCERC meetings (from your desk anywhere you have internet!):

             Live Classroom - a meeting place on line

In the works:

            Interviews With Marine Biologists

            Question and Answers - What are you wondering about?

            Classroom Interaction - let us help with your science projects!

            Teacher Resources - can we help you create interactive lessons?

snorkelers UAS 2018

Welcome to MCERC's Live Classroom!

This classroom is available for meetings that are open to groups when members may not necessarily need to be connected to a particular course.

The classroom section requires a password which will be shared before meetings.

MCERC, in support of teachers developing interactive lessons for their students, may find this forum useful for keeping information current and fresh.

Look here for ideas, information, and projects. Feel free to ask MCERC faculty for opportunities to bring our team to your class, and to provide programs to enrich your personal growth in STEM curricula. Please use the quiz on the Home Page to ask for specific content or the blog inside this free course.

How can we help?

Does your class have a science project and would like to have one of our scientists chat with you, answer questions, or point your class in the right direction?

This resource is for students and teachers seeking avenues to chat with a scientist and help with lesson plans or to let your students interview one of our faculty or peers.

How can we help?

These presentations and resources are provided based on the questions you, your class, or our faculty asked MCERC. We found experts to answer questions from the quiz on the Home Page and shared them here as a resource for everyone.

You can ask your questions in the Chat Room for this forum as well. How can we help you?

We will be adding interviews to this category soon based on your requests. Please take the quiz on the Home Page and let us know your interests!