Marine Biodiversity Field Programs

You will participate in an experiential program designed to investigate marine megafauna biodiversity in a large bay off Colombia, South America. The area is remote and bordered by the Pacific Ocean and a dense jungle, accessible only by boat. The bay has several species of cetaceans and is the focus of this program. You will collect behavioral, abundance and occurrence data for wintering humpback whales, pilot whales, sperm whales, several species of dolphins, and manatee. Free time will be available for photographing the many species of flora and fauna nearby, snorkeling, and swimming.

MCERC is working in collaboration with a local eco-tourism company, and our team (you!) will be collecting data which will help local graduate students investigate the largely unknown life history of local cetacean species.

Dates: To be announced. Enrollment opens when dates are announced. Sessions are typically scheduled between June and the end of September. 

Program fee: To be announced with week-long session open enrollment. Details will be added when enrollment opens. Program fee does not include travel to the field site.

Registration: Click on the course title to enter course and register through Pay Pal during open enrollment. You do not need a Pay Pal account to register. You do need to be signed in to the Education Hub to register for courses.

Important! Do not purchase air travel until you are notified the course has met minimum enrollment. Travel to this field site will require a plane from Bogotá, Colombia, to another populated location. A boat is required for the last part of the trip to the field location. Details will be provided when each enrollment period opens. 

Maximum number of students for this session = 8