Marine Biodiversity Field Programs

This course focuses on the ecology of coral reefs, seagrass beds, and mangrove forests; endangered and invasive species; conservation biology; climate change; and marine policy and management.  Field activities include observation of flora and fauna while snorkeling in marine habitats, tide pool exploration, coastal hikes, and examination of marine reserves.  

Explain the biodiversity, habitat connectedness, and natural and anthropogenic impacts of tropical marine and coastal ecosystems, and how these ecosystems are managed and conserved.


Dates: TBA

Program fee: The program fee for the MCERC field session TBA. Enrollment and course fees for UAS apply for registered students.

Registration: ENROLLMENT IS OPEN THROUGH THE UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA SOUTHEAST. Students registered for this session through the University of Alaska Southeast must also register with MCERC here. Registration is not complete until all release forms are signed and uploaded in the program session.

Important!  All students are required to upload proof of travel insurance, health insurance, flight information, and sign and upload the Student Contract (available to view on the home page). Travel will be discussed in course meetings and students enrolled will be notified of classroom schedule.

Maximum number of students for this session = 8