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Drone Academy: Flight School, Video Capture, and Production

Humpback Whale Field Intensive: Puerto Rico

Humpback Whale Field Intensive: The Turks and Caicos Islands

Humpback Whale Field Intensive: Dominican Republic

GIS Mapping and Analysis

Sea Turtle Ecology: The Turks and Caicos Islands

Coral Reef Ecology

Tropical Marine and Coastal Ecology: Roatan, Honduras

Tropical Marine and Coastal Ecology: Puerto Rico-University of Alaska Southeast

Marine Mammal Field Techniques

Invasive Species Origins and Impacts

Ecology of Caribbean Reef Fishes

Coastal Wetlands Ecology: Massachusetts

Feeding Ecology of Marine Mammals

Cetacean Biodiversity: Colombia

Wildlife Ecology: Terrestrial Field Survey Techniques

Wildlife Ecology: Florida Freshwater Biodiversity

Wildlife Ecology: Florida Coastal Biodiversity

Wildlife Ecology: Florida Wetlands Biodiversity

Wildlife Ecology: Florida Uplands Biodiversity

Wildlife Ecology: Florida Endemic, Invasive, and Introduced Species

Ornithology: Endemic, Invasive, and Endangered Species


Acoustics in the Marine Environment: An Introduction to Data Collection

Wildlife Photography: An Introduction

Underwater Photography: Marine and Freshwater Captures

Wildlife Photography of Megafauna

Endangered Species Observer Training

Acoustics in the Marine Environment: Data Analysis

Biological Statistics: A Crash Course in R

Boating for Marine Scientists

Aerial Survey Methods

G.E.M.S: Florida Biodiversity

G.E.M.S: Roatan, Honduras-Marine Biodiversity

G.E.M.S: Western Australia-Marine and Coastal Ecology

G.E.M.S: Brisbane, Australia-Marine and Coastal Ecology